The best Saigon Spas in Ho Chi Minh City. South Vietnam

3 Best (Legit) Saigon Spas

Cheap massages abound in Saigon (aka Ho Chi Minh city). It’s a real perk when traveling here, but the quality and “reputability” of the massages varies greatly. If you’re looking for high quality massages at spas that are 100% legit (no hanky panky), these are the 3 best Saigon spas.

Our Favorite Saigon Spas

We can’t resist a good budget massage from time to time, but when we want to splurge a bit, these are the spas we use. They’re relatively expensive for Vietnam, but compared to prices in North America, they’re still a bargain for such luxury. Their professional service and hygiene are impeccable and totally worth every penny.

All 3 are located within walking distance of the main tourist area of Saigon.

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My Spa

My Spa in Ho Chi Minh City. Saigon Spas. South VietnamMy Spa is a traditional Vietnamese day spa. They offer a wide range of services including facials and other skin treatments. We’ve only tried the massages, but they were outstanding. The spa is beautifully decorated in a classic Vietnamese style.

Filled with bamboo and rattan, the warm colors are really soothing after a day in chaotic Saigon. My Spa is so legit that most treatments (even massages) normally occur in a common room. Private rooms are available too.

We always book a private room for our couples massage, but we like that this place has a completely professional vibe. Private rooms are limited, so it’s better to book in advance. We’ve had more luck booking in person or over the phone, than online.

320,000VND ($14USD)  for a 60 minute, full body massage. A 10-15% tip is customary here.

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15C4 Thi Sach St
District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

098 997 33 09

Operating Hours:
10 AM – 1130 PM


Golden Lotus Spa

Golden Lotus Spa Saigon Spas in Ho Chi Minh City. South VietnamThe Golden Lotus is a Korean-style Spa. They also offer a full suite of treatments and a sauna. The Korean style saunas are fun. The saunas are communal and very relaxing.

You enjoy the sauna fully dressed in spa-provided clothes, so men and women share the sauna. We really prefer this set up. At many places, the saunas are separated by gender. We understand that too, but we’d rather enjoy our spa experiences as a couple.

The massages here are also outstanding. One of the best things about this spa is that the tip is included price. We love this. No guess work. No awkwardness. And in our experience the quality of the massage is always high despite the tip being a forgone conclusion.

Menu prices are a bit higher than My Spa, but since they include the tip, they are actually more reasonable overall.

375,000VND ($16.5USD) for a 60 minute full body massage (tip included).

‪15 Thai Van Lung St.
District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

08 3822 1515 

Operating Hours:
10 AM – 11 PM


Temple Leaf Spa

Temple Leaf Spa in Ho Chi Minh City. Saigon Spas in South Vietnam AsiaThe Temple Leaf Spa may be our favorite spa by a hair. The décor is very Zen and peaceful with lots of Buddhist inspired art. The spa is also very clean. We always feel comfortable here.

Like the Golden Lotus Spa, tips are included in the prices. This one fact makes the whole experience much more relaxing. We know exactly how much we’ll pay. And the quality of the massages we’ve had here have been very high.

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The masseuses follow a general routine with the massage, but also adjust to your knots without being told. Many times they don’t speak much English, but that’s never been a problem. They cover everything, but focus on the spots that need the most attention.

340,000VND ($15USD) for a 60 minute full body massage.

74/1a Hai Ba Trung St.
District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

08 6291 3656

Operating Hours:
10 AM – 1130 PM


Tips on Dealing with a Bad Massage

We’ve had mostly great experiences in these 3 spas. Occasionally, you’ll get a bad masseuse or one who’s having a bad day. If you’re masseuse is talking on the phone, neglecting you, or is unsatisfactory in anyway – stop the massage and talk to the management.

The masseuse may not speak English, but the management at these high quality places do. Even the most polite complaint will ensure you the best service possible. If this happens, make sure to clarify what the new end time should be after the interruption caused by bad service.

Bad service is really rare at these 3 spas, but if it happens, use this simple solution to ensure you get the experience you paid for.

Have you been to any of these Saigon spas?

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  • Lisa
    Posted at 04:00h, 04 September

    I never managed to try a Vietnamese massage when I was last there, and now I’m gutted! From the photos, I like My Spa the best. However, from your recommendations, I think no. 3 will be the winner. There’s nothing worse than visiting a unclean spa!

  • Rachelle Gordon
    Posted at 10:34h, 04 September

    Oh my goodness! These spas are so decidedly inexpensive! I can’t imagine getting a 60 minute massage for under $50USD! Okay, if I am EVER in Saigon, I’m going to hit up every single spa I can find for “research” and get as many massages as I possibly can!

  • Bee
    Posted at 13:34h, 04 September

    Omg! A good massage or spa treatment is vital for me on any vacation! these suggestions look great and the price is unreal! thanks for sharing.

  • Umberta
    Posted at 13:44h, 04 September

    Ah i must be the only one in the world , but I don’t like massages. Even when the spa is beautiful and the people kind, I end up stressed! 😉 which is usually the opposite effect one should have when having a massage! I do like jacuzzi & swimming pools spa though!

  • Katie
    Posted at 10:10h, 05 September

    Oh these look like some great options! I love getting massages and having a good old spa day so these are some great choices for when I head back to Saigon! they look great!

  • Parnashree Devi
    Posted at 11:23h, 05 September

    Quite a good list of Saigon Spa. You have provided a helpful list with the pricing. Though I find it little expensive. But quite like the My Spa.

  • Shibani
    Posted at 11:54h, 05 September

    I never had the luxury of spa yet, but getting closer to try soon. I’m going to try the ones your recommended while I travel to Vietnam. I always prefer quality and professional which seems evident in these spas. Thanks for sharing.

  • Rhiannon
    Posted at 13:02h, 06 September

    I can’t believe how cheap these spas are!!! I’ve never actually ever been to a spa, but I know that my first experience will definitely be overseas! The prices in comparison with the U.K. are crazy good.

  • My Travelogue by Bhushavali
    Posted at 13:29h, 11 September

    I’ve never been to a spa or sauna that allows men and women together! I’d really like to enjoy a relaxing message with my man, as a couple! I’m planning to travel East in 2019, Hope I’ll get to enjoy these spas too!