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Rest and Relaxation in Siem Reap – Recover After Traversing the Temples!

For the vast majority of visitors to Siem Reap, their first impression of this delightful little town is only as a gateway to the magic of the nearby Angkor Wat UNESCO World Heritage Site. That said, after a long, hot and dusty day or two traversing the vast temple complex, Siem Reap will soon start to seem like a backpacker’s paradise. The small streets of the city center are lined with bars, restaurants, spas, massage parlors and coffee shops that are all designed to cater to travelers from around the world.

Whether you are in Southeast Asia for a short trip or Cambodia is only one stop on an epic ‘around the continent’ trip, Siem Reap can be an oasis for rest and relaxation. Local Cambodian entrepreneurs know that their visitors want all of the comforts of home. The savvy business owners are all too keen to provide these – sometimes at a premium! That said, there are options for spa treatments, massage and yoga classes at all price ranges.

If you are planning a trip to Siem Reap, here are our top tips for rest and relaxation after you spend your days at the temples.

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Spend some time at the spa


Are you looking for something uniquely Cambodian and truly luxurious? A traditional Cambodian herbal body treatment is the J’Pong heat treatment. It will completely relax your muscles, replenish your spirit and help to heal your body for another day of temple hopping. If you have it in your budget, we recommend splurging on a treatment at the Mudita Spa (located at the Borei Angkor Hotel). It’s ultra posh and very worth the money.

They describe J’Pong as “an ancient, steam-filled Khmer heat and herbal treatment. It allows visitors to relax in a cloud of herbal steam. This helps to clear the lungs, relieve stress, promote blood circulation and regenerate energy. The herbs used in this herbal healing are all natural. They include dried turmeric, cinnamon, sweet basil, mint, prai, lemon grass, cloves, galangal, ginger, tamarind, thanakha and kaffir lime leaves”. Said to increase your physical strength while it calms your mind, J’Pong will relax and revitalize you, inside and out.

Feeling a little tight on funds? Not a problem. Siem Reap is home to countless small spas and beauty parlors that are aggressively competing for your business.  You can get a perfectly lovely facial, manicure or pedicure for a fraction of what you would pay in the West.

Massage your weary muscles – Khmer Massage

If you are like most visitors to Siem Reap, you will likely spend your days hiking, climbing temples and scrambling over rocks and ruins. All of this adventuring leads to weary limbs and aching muscles. The entrepreneurs of Cambodia know this! The streets are lined with massage parlors, all boasting rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. All at different price (and quality) levels.

Traditional Khmer massage is a unique and ancient practice. Known for its lack of oils and the use of hot cups and/ or coins. They do this in order to open certain channels in the body and increase blood flow to wounded areas.

From as low as $5 US per hour, you can invest in a traditional Khmer massage or a European deep tissue rub down. You can also choose to visit a branch of the ‘Seeing Hand Massage’ chain. In which seeing impaired individuals receive training in order to become massage practitioners.

Yoga and Meditation in Siem Reap

Meditation in Siem Reap

In this predominantly Buddhist country, yoga and meditation is a part of many people’s daily life. As a visitor to Siem Reap, there are plenty of opportunities for you to partake in these ancient practices. Many people decide to engage in a retreat while here. The retreats range in duration anywhere from a few days to well over a month. If you just want to drop in for a class here and there, the Angkor Bodhi Tree Retreat and Yogi Centre is a brilliant option. You can relax and soothe your mind, preparing for a new day of archaeological intrigue.

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