The Travel Ninjas at the Swiss Belresort in Dalat,Vietnam

“Off the Beaten Track” in Dalat at a Luxury Resort? Swiss Belresort Review

We know. “Off the beaten track” and “luxury resort” are an odd pair, but staying at the secluded Swiss Belresort made our Dalat trip extraordinary and unforgettable. We’ve stayed at countless hotels and resorts, and the Swiss Belresort is one of our favorites. The “normal” thing to do when visiting the Dalat region is to stay in Dalat city and then venture into the countryside to see all the waterfalls and other attractions. However, we decided to actually stay in the gorgeous countryside that we came to see.

We had just spent a few weeks in awesome but frantic urban embrace of Ho Chi Minh City. We chose the Swiss Belresort because wanted a mountain getaway that was as tranquil, secluded, and rewarding as possible. As it turned out, our experience at the Swiss Belresort was far more luxurious, relaxing and romantic than we dreamed. We would stay there again and definitely recommend it for your trip to Dalat.

The Travel Ninjas at the Swiss Belresort in Dalat, Vietnam

Swiss Belresort Pros and Cons

The Pros and Cons of the Swiss Belresort in Dalat, Vietnam


It took us less than a second to fall in love with the beautiful setting of the Swiss Belresort. The resort is nestled in a valley and – as if that weren’t gorgeous enough – they have gardens all around the property AND an immaculate golf course which is a sight in itself. We had great views from our room. And the view from the pool and main dining area were even better. The scenery is mesmerizing, especially in the growing light of the morning. It was literally hypnotic. So many cups of coffee were wasted with us staring off into the landscape totally oblivious and immersed in the natural beauty. Suddenly, we would “wake up” to take a sip from a full cup that had gone cold. We hated wasting so much prime Vietnamese coffee, but that view was simply irresistible.

The Travel Ninjas at the Swiss Belresort in Dalat, Vietnam


Do the math. Seclusion + Serenity + Natural Beauty + Luxury = ______________. If you answered romance, you get an A. The Swiss Belresort is charming and romantic. Some of our finest memories are our private dinners around the resort. We ate and drank and danced under the stars. The food and wine were incredible, but the service was the more amazing. We felt like royalty. These private dinners (with an ‘s’ – we had several) were totally the suggestion of the staff and came with no extra charge. And it wasn’t easy for them. It took a lot of time and effort for them to set up our private tables and serve us so far from the normal dining area. The staff were some of the best ever and we really appreciated them. They were so genuine and helpful. They took care of everything so we could relax and enjoy the romance.

Do the math. Seclusion + Serenity + Natural Beauty + Luxury = ______________. (**Romance**)Click To TweetThe Travel Ninjas having a romantic dinner at the Swiss Belresort


During our stay,  we stayed in 2 different rooms: a Junior suite and an Executive suite. Booth rooms were amazing and we loved them both. Each room had some advantages over the other. First, we’ll describe the features common to both rooms. Then we discuss the advantages of each.

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Both rooms have a similar style and décor. They are classy but very cozy. We felt right at home. The beds in both rooms were huge and super comfortable. The whole resort is quiet and serene. We never heard a peep from outside the rooms. We slept like babies and woke up refreshed. Both rooms also have nice sitting area with a large desk, sofa, chairs, and TV. There are actually 2 TV’s in both rooms. One in the sitting area and the other faced the bed. Both rooms also have plenty of outlets, and the outlets will work with any type of plug. The voltage is 220v so be sure to only plug in dual voltage devices – or zap. They also have excellent bathrooms. There is a “rain” shower and deep soaking tub and ‘his and her’ sinks with lots of counter space.

Best of all, they have these space-age toilets. They have sensors that see you coming and open when you walk up. The toilets are self-cleaning with heated seats. And they have a remote-controlled bidet. There are a surprising number of options: warm or cold water, spray or stream, continuous or pulsating or spiraling water flow, high or low positioning, front or back positioning, and more. It’s so refreshing. Ahhhhh the luxury. It’s like a butler for your bum!

The Junior Suite

The main advantage of the Junior suite is the enclosed balcony terrace.

The Travel Ninjas in the Junior Suite at Swiss Belresort

It’s a big terrace with a dining table and 2 loungers. The large slats enclosing the terrace ensure your privacy while allowing you to enjoy some of the beautiful scenery. The terrace is great for enjoying meals or just dessert, and absolutely perfect for sharing a bottle of wine. You’ll appreciate the privacy. The terrace is very romantic. The mountain view is partially obstructed but the fresh air scented by the gardens and the soothing sounds of the forest can really get you in the mood.

The Travel Ninjas in the Junior Suite at Swiss Belresort

We were very happy in the Junior Suite. It wasn’t huge, but we found it spacious enough and very comfortable. Of course, we jumped at the opportunity when the manager offered us a free upgrade to the Executive suite.

The Travel Ninjas in the Junior Suite at Swiss Belresort

The Executive Suite

There are 2 main advantages of the Executive Suite: larger more luxurious bathroom and a better view. As you expect, the Executive Suite is overall larger than the Junior Suite, but this is very apparent in the bathroom. The bathroom itself would be a nice size apartment in New York City.

The Travel Ninjas in the Executive Room at Swiss Belresort in Dalat, Vietnam

The Travel Ninjas in the Executive Room at Swiss Belresort in Dalat, Vietnam

The view is the real star of the Executive suite. It’s located on the corner of the building so you have different views of the beautiful property and surrounding scenery.

The Travel Ninjas in the Executive Room at Swiss Belresort in Dalat, Vietnam

The Presidential Suite

We didn’t stay in the Presidential Suite but we did get a chance to check it out. It is huge. The best feature is the bar – very cool.

The Travel Ninjas in the Presidential Suite at the Swiss Belresor in Dalat Vietnam


With its gorgeous location and many onsite luxuries, the Swiss Belresort can be a destination in itself – especially if you’re a golfer. But we used it as a home-base to explore the waterfalls and other attractions in the area. You can read the highlights of our Dalat exploration here. Often it worked out better for us than if we did the “typical thing” and stayed in Dalat City. Many of the waterfalls and other attractions of the Dalat area are rather spread out in the Vietnamese highlands. Some of the waterfalls and attractions are actually closer to the Swiss Belresort than to Dalat City. We often spent less time on the road and more time enjoying either the waterfalls or the resort. Because we began from a non-typical location, were able to visit sites on a different timetable and miss lots of the crowds.

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For example, we had an extended elephant encounter on scenic Tuyen Lam Lake. It was close to the resort so we were the first ones there. There weren’t any other visitors the whole time that we were there. We were able to ride the elephant around the lake in total tranquility and had time for lots of extra photos.

The Travel Ninjas riding an elephant in Dalat Vietnam

We had a similar experience at Prenn Waterfall. At the Prenn, we were able to have a long visit there with almost no one around. Then, just as we were leaving the tour buses arrived and several hundred tourists swarmed the place. We can’t always beat the crowds (and we don’t always want to), but these experiences were much more special because we started from the Swiss Belresort and followed a different path on a different timetable.

And when we wanted to visit Dalat City (which is definitely worth the visit), we just took the resort’s free shuttle. It’s about 25-30 minute ride, but the ride through the highlands is very pretty and enjoyable.

All things considered, the Swiss Belresort was a convenient base for our travels in the region. We got to see and do everything we wanted AND we stayed at a luxurious 5-star resort in a gorgeous setting.


We enjoyed several couple’s massages and other awesome treatments at the Spa. The facilities are brand new and very nice. The service was great and very relaxing.


In addition to everything else we’ve said, this 5-star resort is also incredibly affordable. We couldn’t believe the value.

When we were researching the Swiss Belresort, we were actually a little suspicious of the great rates we found online. The pictures of the resort looked fantastic and the descriptions sounded even better. But we wondered if a 5-star resort could be that affordable. We took the chance, booked out room, and it turned out great.

The Travel Ninjas at the Swiss Belresort in Dalat, Vietnam


Yes, we would be happy to stay here again. Just remember that this resort is secluded and remote. For us, that’s a big plus and a big part of its charm. If you want more action and be able to walk around town to choose from several restaurants, you might want to stay in Dalat city. Another option is to spend a few days in Dalat city and few days at the Swiss Belresort. The Swiss Belresort strikes a balance between the rustic beauty of the mountains and luxuries of modern comfort and convenience. We totally recommend the Swiss Belresort if you’re visiting Dalat.

The Travel Ninjas hanging out with the staff at Swiss Belresort in Dalat, Vietnam

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  • Indrani
    Posted at 05:40h, 14 October

    The positives are so good, one can ignore the cons to some extent. Thanks for the caution on those.
    Grand interiors! It has been done up really well.

  • The Travel Ninjas
    Posted at 09:33h, 14 October

    Thanks Indrani! Yes, it was a great resort.

  • Heather @Travelationship
    Posted at 21:45h, 16 October

    I like how you list the pro/cons next to each other for easy comparison

  • The Travel Ninjas
    Posted at 09:32h, 17 October

    Thank you Heather!

  • Ami Bhat
    Posted at 08:50h, 19 October

    Quite luxurious and comfortable and yes, really stunning views too. I would not mind the cons for these. Seems like you had a good time. Cheers

  • The Travel Ninjas
    Posted at 11:49h, 19 October

    Ami, It was incredible. The cons didn’t bother us either.

  • Mar Pages
    Posted at 01:56h, 20 October

    Everything looks and sounds great! I will definitely stay there, and its remoteness is not an issue since there is a shuttle bus everyday. Enjoyed reading the review, seems like you’ve got all the details covered 🙂

  • The Travel Ninjas
    Posted at 02:48h, 20 October

    Mar, Thanks! Yes, it was nice to come “home” and be able to enjoy the bright stars at night in the peaceful outdoors.

  • Mansi K.
    Posted at 05:37h, 20 October

    Looks lovely! Travel is not always about adventure…it’s nice to take a step back and relax. When the property is luxurious, it is even better. Thanks for sharing!

  • The Travel Ninjas
    Posted at 07:46h, 20 October

    Mansi, Couldn’t agree with you more. It’s always nice to know that you’ve got an amazing place to come “home” to. There were some days that we would cut our day of adventure, out in the city, short just so that we could enjoy the amenities that this luxury resort had to offer.

  • Evan Kristine
    Posted at 16:56h, 21 October

    This hotel looks stunning! Totally luxurious indeed

  • The Travel Ninjas
    Posted at 21:40h, 21 October

    Evan, It was a great stay!

  • Kate @ Love From Scotland
    Posted at 06:12h, 10 December

    I find it so cool to find such a luxurious hotel in a remote location. However, did you feel that you were getting a local’s experience? I always wonder in large hotels if you could be anywhere? The views really are stunning!

  • The Travel Ninjas
    Posted at 06:14h, 10 December

    Hello Kate. True this resort, like most, is something of a world unto itself. They do integrate elements of Vietnamese culture into the experience, but that isn’t the focus.

  • Lydia@LifeUntraveled
    Posted at 13:55h, 10 December

    The Swiss Belresort definitely wears its name very well – it actually looks like it’s in Switzerland rather than in Vietnam! Sorry but I feel compelled to add a thumbs down for the elephant riding. 🙁

  • The Travel Ninjas
    Posted at 13:59h, 10 December

    Hi Lydia. It really did look like it was in Switzerland. That was definitely unexpected in Vietnam and was a nice surprise.

  • Clare
    Posted at 21:45h, 10 December

    It looks like a beautiful resort. I would love to stay there and relax with those views. I haven’t made it to Dalat to yet, but it sounds like there is a lot to do in the area too so will add it to my list of places for vietnam.

  • The Travel Ninjas
    Posted at 21:50h, 10 December

    Hi Clare. The views were incredible! Dalat definitely should be on your list when you make it to Vietnam. You will absolutely love it.

  • Kathy (from
    Posted at 06:07h, 11 December

    I loved Dalat, although I had a very different experience when it comes to accommodate. I stayed in the cheapest guest house I could find and only used it to sleep in.
    I think it’s wonderful to find somewhere as beautiful as this where you can enjoy your stay. Being in the countryside is an added bonus. Thanks for your thorough information about this resort.

  • The Travel Ninjas
    Posted at 06:14h, 11 December

    Hi Kathy. We really enjoyed our stay in the countryside of Dalat at this beautiful resort. 🙂

  • Kristine Aarsheim
    Posted at 06:48h, 11 December

    What a gorgeous resort! The view from the room must have been spectacular, based on the surrounding landscape. It’s nice to add some luxury to your travel every now and then, and what a pleasant surprise it must be for people to stumble upon this gem in such a remote place 🙂

  • The Travel Ninjas
    Posted at 06:56h, 11 December

    Hi Kristine. It was definitely a nice surprise! It was so remote that we were able to see the beautiful bright stars at night and enjoy the fresh smell of nature. 🙂

  • Gareth
    Posted at 11:02h, 11 December

    Vietnam is one of those places that it is totally possible to stay in some of the cheapest and least luxurious accommodations you can imagine or, like this one, hotels on the other end of the spectrum. And while the facilities might be great, my primary concern is always the location which this clearly has, in close proximity to the best Dalat has to offer. Fingers crossed for the presidential suite next time!

  • Katie
    Posted at 16:01h, 11 December

    So reading your recent Dalat blogs have made me desperately want to go! So much so that I have convinced my partner to include it in our next trip over to Asia 🙂 Swiss Bel Resort looks gorgeous and I will deffo check it out when we starting booking 🙂

  • The Travel Ninjas
    Posted at 16:05h, 11 December

    Hi Katie. YAY! Good for you. You are going to absolutely LOVE it! ?

  • Sandy N Vyjay
    Posted at 17:39h, 21 December

    I would definitely ignore cons for staying in such wonderful place. The hotel looks so luxurious with great ambience. Such royal interiors. The view from the hotel is also amazing. Nice pictures. Looks like you had a great stay.

  • The Travel Ninjas
    Posted at 17:44h, 21 December

    Hello Sandy and Vyjay. This resort was amazing to stay at. We had an incredible time there.

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