The top waterfalls in Da Lat, Viet Nam

A Look at the Quaint & Quirky Waterfalls of Dalat

We love Dalat. It’s in one of the most romantic and picturesque areas of Vietnam. Dalat is known for perfect weather, beautiful highland landscapes, and quaint, quirky waterfalls. It’s the number one honeymoon destination for Vietnamese people. In this photo essay, we would like to introduce you the 4 main waterfalls of Dalat.

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Datanla Waterfalls


The Datanla Falls is the most fun and activity-filled waterfall around Dalat.


Datanla offers various adventures like canyoning, abseiling, hiking, swimming, cable cars, and this manual Waterfall Rollercoaster. It’s gravity driven and the rider controls the breaks, so you go as fast as you like.


There are many monuments commemorating different ethnic minorities, who were the original inhabitants of Dalat. Most of these are highly stylized, mythic, and dramatic.

Pongour Waterfalls

The Pongour Waterfall in Da Lat, Viet Nam

Pongour Falls in a Deep Cliff-Lined Ravine.

The Pongour Falls are the largest around Dalat. They are roughly 120 feet tall and 310 feet wide. Pongour sits in a wide valley and is surrounded by steep cliffs.

The Pongour Waterfall in Da Lat, Vietnam

Pongour Falls is Terraced

Pongour Waterfall in Da Lat, Viet Nam

You Can Climb Pongour Falls

Pongour is a terraced waterfall and you can climb up several levels to enjoy the falls up close.

Elephant Waterfalls


Elephant Falls is the most powerful around Dalat. They really roar with their heavy water flow.


This gorgeous waterfall, The Elephant Waterfall,  gets its name from the large mossy boulders that surround the falls. Ancient locals thought these resembled elephants and the falls have born the name ever since.



The Elephant Waterfall has a path that lets you get right under the falls. This are is known as the Wind Cave.

Prenn Waterfalls

The light feathery falls of the Prenn Waterfall in Da Lat, Viet Nam

The Light Feathery Falls of Prenn

Prenn Waterfall is the most quaint and quirky waterfall of Dalat. It has a light water flow but a romantic appearance.

The view from behing the Prenn Waterfall in Da Lat, Viet Nam

Behind Prenn Waterfall

It has an overhanging cliff, so you can walk right under the falls without getting wet.

Amusements at the Prenn Waterfall in Da Lat, Viet Nam

Prenn Amusements

Prenn is the most touristy waterfall. There are many vendors stalls, boat rides, animal rides, and a large park with manicured gardens.

The statues at the Prenn Waterfall in Da Lat, Viet Nam

Prenn’s Statues

Prenn is also filled with many dramatic (and maybe tacky) statues of the ancients. These often depict heroic larger than life figures from ancient legends.

We hope you enjoyed this quick visual tour of Dalat’s waterfalls. If you’re planning a trip to Vietnam and love waterfalls, Dalat would be a great addition to your itinerary.

What do you think of Dalat’s waterfalls?

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