9 Adventurous Things to do in Bali, Indonesia

9 Adventurous Things To Do in Bali Now

The adventurous things to do in Bali will get you out in the sand, sea, and jungles of this tropical paradise. For a small island, Bali has very diverse terrain – beaches, mountains, waterfalls, rivers, and jungles. They make an incredibly gorgeous and exciting playground for your thrills.

Hobiecat Sailing in Sanur 

Hobiecat Sailing in Sanur - Adventurous Things to do in Bali # 1

If you’re new to Hobiecats, they are small catamaran sailboats. Hobiecats are one of the best ways to experience the irresistible waters of the Indian Ocean. They are real sailboats and can travel far distances at fast speeds. But they are easy to handle and a great for a first sailing lesson with East Bali Surf and Sail.

Flyboarding in Nusa Dua 

Flyboarding in Nusa Dua - Adventurous Things to do in Bali # 2

Strap on a pair of rocket boots and soar above the water like Ironman. Flyboarding is a truly amazing adventure. It’s challenging at first, but when you get the hang of it, you really feel like a superhero with Flyboard Bali.

Kayaking along Pandawa Beach

Kayaking along Pandawa Beach- Adventurous Things to do in Bali # 3

Explore Pandawa Beach, the gorgeous cliffs of the southern coast, and even a few caves with Sea Kayak.

Canyoning in North Bali 

Canyoning in North Bali - Adventurous Things to do in Bali # 4

Don’t just admire those waterfalls. Splash in, climb up, rappel down, and leap off them in Bali’s wild north. Adventure and Spirit offers several different canyoning tours for all skill and fitness levels.

ATV Ride near Ubud 

ATV Ride near Ubud - Adventurous Things to do in Bali # 5

Explore Bali’s jungle, countryside, rice fields, and villages on an ATV with Taro Adventure Tours. There are several different ATV tours around Bali. This one is the most wet and wild. The tour begins in Taro, a village near Ubud, then it takes you on a thrilling ride through some of Bali’s best scenery.

Scuba Dive at Nusa Penida

Scuba Dive at Nusa Penida - Adventurous Things to do in Bali # 6

Bali has so many spectacular Bali Diving sites like the wreck site of Tulamben or the coral reef at Penjor. But a real standout is Manta Point near Nusa Penida because of the Giant Manta Rays that patrol the area. 

Paragliding at Sunset off Timbis Hill 

Paragliding at Sunset off Timbis Hill - Adventurous Things to do in Bali # 7

Imagine paragliding at sunset off the southernmost coast of Bali. Even novices can have this amazing experience with Bali Paragliding. They offer tandem flights with qualified instructors or full courses so you can learn to fly yourself.

Rafting on the Ayung 

Rafting on the Ayung - Adventurous Things to do in Bali # 8

The Ayung river is near Ubud and flows through wild jungle, deep gorges, and picturesque rice paddies. The Ayung is also perfect for white water rafting with Bali Adventure Tours. In addition to all the gorgeous scenery, it has 33 class II and III rapids to get your adrenaline pumping.

Climb a Volcano at Mt. Batur 

Climb a Volcano at Mt. Batur - Adventurous Things to do in Bali # 9

Mt. Batur is an active volcano, but it’s safe to climb with Bali Hiking. The early-bird sunrise hike is the most common climb, but you can also camp on the summit overnight. With these tours, you climb in the afternoon and watch the sunset. Then you spent the evening around a fire and sleep atop the mountain. In the morning, you witness Bali’s most famous sunrise.

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