Hi, my name is Vanessa and together with my husband Steve, we are The Travel Ninjas. I want to take a moment to welcome you to our site and thank you for visiting us and getting to know more about who we are and what we do. In short, we are foodies, travel junkies and best friends forever. But the real story is much more detailed than that and it provides some insight into our website and how it has become the travel industry’s most visited travel information resource for destinations in Asia.

If you are someone who wants more out of your travels and have been there, done that, The Travel Ninjas might be right for you. If you want to get up close and personal with your next vacation and experience new cultures and cuisines and stay in luxurious accommodations without the high price tag, The Travel Ninjas is definitely right for you!

Steve and I have traveled around the world and have taken our experiences and shared them here on our website. As we visit a new location, we will be sure to include you along in our travels via our website so you can see the best sites, know where to stay and where to eat and find some of the out of the way destinations that most tourism companies don’t offer. We like the “not so touristy/unknown areas” and, if you are anything like us, we are sure that you will like them as well.

We didn’t always travel. In fact, before we were married to each other, we were married to our careers. Steve and I met in 2010 and became instant best friends. We would often talk about the places that we would visit “one day” and daydream about traveling the world and getting to know more about each other as our relationship grew. These seemed to be just that, daydreams. As we were always working and if we weren’t working, we were “on call” leaving us very little time to spend together.

Living in Cincinnati, Ohio was hardly a vacation setting so one day, we decided to move to Miami, Florida and live on the beach. Just a short while later, we were married and decided to finally follow our passion and travel the world. We donated all of our belongings, quit our jobs and bought one way tickets to Vietnam. In the 10 months that followed, we have traveled to Cambodia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and many cities throughout Vietnam!

Our travels have inspired us to encourage others to travel more and see the world around them. We founded The Travel Ninjas, and here we are, sharing our travels with our subscribers and anyone else who wants to get more out of their travels.

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