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7 Southeast Asia Adventure Trips for Brave Wanderers

Are you seeking some adventure in your travels? Looking to take a different kind of trip than the leisurely beach vacation?

There ain’t no adventure like a Southeast Asia adventure. With everything from rainforests and orangutans to ancient ruins and temples, Southeast Asia provides plenty of phenomenal opportunities for the adventurous traveler.

If you’ve got the travel bug and a brave soul, you can’t go wrong with a trip to Southeast Asia. Pack your bags, book your plane ticket and settle in to learn more about exciting Southeast Asia adventure trips.

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Southeast Asia Adventure

Southeast Asia offers a range of incredible food, beaches, and culture, but there are also plenty of ways to stay active on this tropical vacation. The following ideas and places are sure to give you an adventure you can’t resist taking:

1. Hiking and Trekking in Laos

You have plenty of options for short day hikes or longer treks that will take you multiple days to complete across Southeast Asia. The territory gives you a hike like no other with tropical rainforests, rice fields, and even an active volcano.

In the small country of Laos, start at Luang Prabang to explore one of the most diverse areas in Southeast Asia. You can spend a few days here visiting the Kouang Sit Waterfalls and enjoying the energetic market and the beautiful monasteries.

Another place in Laos to get in some great trekking is the northern village of Luang Namtha. Luang Namtha is at the center of forests and rivers of Nam Ha National Park and they provide even more adventurous activities. Vang Vieng is also an adventurous town known for its trekking trails.

2. Zip lining in Thailand

Zipline in Thailand

Thailand is a favorite traveling destination because of its vibrant culture, hopping nightlife and exotic feel. The country offers several adventurous activities and plenty of great shopping, incredible views and fascinating Buddhist temples and museums.

Northern Thailand is known for its amazing zip lining experiences. In Chiang Mai, Flight of the Gibbon offers five kilometers of zip lines with 33 platforms, and flight of the Gibbon also has courses in Koh Phangan and Bangkok’s countryside.

Flying Squirrel is another zip lining adventure in Chiang Mai. Or, you can head to Krabi for zip lining with Flying Fox.

3. Scuba Diving in the Philippines

If you really want a tropical Southeast Asia adventure, head to the Philippines. With serene white sand beaches, incredible rice terrace landscapes and the volcanic mountain scenery, the Philippines is a great place for scuba diving and snorkeling.

Scuba Diving in the Philippines

For an especially daring adventure, head to Malapascua for their thresher shark dive. This one requires advanced certification as you’ll be going deep down to the thresher cove and possibly will be getting close to sharks. Thresher sharks go down there every morning to be cleaned.

If you’re looking for a milder scuba diving adventure, visit Moalboal for the sea life you rarely see, such as frog fish and electric clams. Moalboal is famous for its sardine run, and you can see several sardines swim near the surface.

Still looking for adventure? Head to Dumaguete as your base for Apo Reef. Apo Reef offers a diving experience like no other. You can swim with sea turtles and see some of the most beautiful corals in the world.

4. Rock Climbing in Vietnam

Vietnam is an exceptional land of natural beauty extending down the eastern edge of Southeast Asia.

Cat Ba and Halong Bay are full of incredible rock formations and limestone cliffs that were formed over 500 years ago, making for great rock climbing adventures. Climbing up multiple rock faces, you can enjoy an exhilarating view of Halong Bay.

Make a day of the adventure by taking a rock climbing tour or cruise.

5. River Rafting in Malaysia

Southeast Asia has great rushing rivers to get your adventurous side going. In Malaysia, Padas River runs through Kota Kinabalu National Park. With grade 3 and 4 rapids, Malaysia is a great place to do some exciting river rafting.

River Rafting in Malaysia

If you’re a beginner, try traditional bamboo rafting or head to Borneo during the dry season of April through October. The brave souls should go in the wetter months to get a wild adventure.

In addition to adventurous river rafting, Malaysia is full of beautiful and buzzing cities with even more to offer. Head to Penang for some of the best food in the country and enjoy the rainforests of Borneo. With jungles, rainforests, islands and unique wildlife, Malaysia has something for everyone in your group.

6. Kayaking in Cambodia

With beautiful waterways in oceans, crystal lakes, and rivers, Southeast Asia offers great opportunities for kayaking.

Tonie Sap in Cambodia is the perfect spot for beginners to kayak. Take a full-day kayaking tour to see the sunset over the lake. Kayaking in Cambodia is one of the best ways to take in the most breathtaking sights of Southeast Asia.

After an adventurous day of kayaking through floating villages on the Mekong River, Phnom Penh is a great place to relax. At Phnom Penh, you can also learn about the country’s recent history of the Khmer Rouge dictatorship and the resulting tragic genocide. Visit the Tuol Sleng Museum and Killing Fields memorial.

7. Base and Bungee Jumping in Singapore

For the extreme adventure junkees, bungee jumping in Singapore is one of the most daring things you can do in Southeast Asia.

Bungee Jumping in Singapore

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Check out the GMAX Reverse Bungee. Put your brave face on and get ready to shoot up a tower at 200 kilometers per hour. That should be enough to get our adrenaline going!

After the jump, enjoy the local cuisine and take in the great blend of Asian cultures in this country.

With rushing rivers, lush rainforests and incredible sea life, Southeast Asia is full of daring thrills for the adventure seeker. Why not plan your next traveling adventure is this vibrant part of the world?

For advice on accommodations and Southeast Asia adventure gear and gadgets, check out The Travel Ninjas’ Resources page.

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