The Crazy House

7 Reasons Crazy House is the Most Unique Attraction in Dalat Vietnam

The Crazy House should be on your Dalat itinerary. You may love it. You may hate it. But if you’re visiting Dalat Vietnam, you don’t want to miss it. The Crazy House was one our favorite things about Dalat, Vietnam. Here are 7 reasons why.

1. Dalat’s Crazy House is an Authentic Tourist Attraction

The Crazy House was never intended to be a tourist attraction, and that’s exactly what makes it’s such a great one. As art, as architecture, even as an attraction, it is true only to the artistic spirit of Dang Viet Nga. One look, and you’ll know it doesn’t pander to the masses. It defies all conventions and standards of taste. The Crazy House is outrageously beautiful, hideously eccentric, and downright weird. But it is clearly a labor of love. It’s a puzzling place, but it oozes with soul and authenticity.

The Travel Ninjas at the Crazy House in Dalat,Vietnam2. Inspiring Origin Story

The existence of the Crazy House was “almost” a miracle. It exists purely through the undying faith and perseverance of Dang Viet Nga. You know the plot. An idealist with lofty ambitions overcomes overwhelming obstacles to make her dream a reality. That’s the story of the Crazy House. Dang Nga Viet is an inspiration. Her neighbors tried stop her. The banks tried to stop her. Even the government tried to stop her, but she never gave up on her dream.

It’s “almost” a miracle because Dang Viet Nga is the daughter of a former President. While those powerful connections may have made her victory possible, they didn’t guarantee it. She had to repeatedly fight official opposition and public ridicule. Imagine the frustration. She wins one official battle only to face another and another. It went on like that for years. Construction of the Crazy House had many long delays, and Dang Viet Nga accumulated substantial debt. The temptation to give up must have been intense. She was already among Vietnam’s elite.

The Crazy House was not her ticket to fame and fortune. It was her ticket to headaches and heartburn, but it was also her passion, her contribution to the world, and her triumph. Whatever your artistic taste, the Crazy House is inspiring on a human level.

The Travel Ninjas Exploring the Crazy House in Dalat, Vietnam

3. THE Icon of Contemporary Vietnamese Architecture

Nothing in contemporary Vietnamese architecture comes close to the iconic status of the Crazy House. There is nothing like it. Vietnam has some gorgeous and impressive buildings and brides, but none of them has the outlandish individuality of this iconic structure. It is a marvel of design, a marvel of engineering, and a marvel of playfulness.

If you want to learn more about Vietnamese culture, you’ve got to visit the Crazy House. It will challenge your expectations about a communist society. The dominant theme is living in nature with individuality, freedom, and joy.

Vietnam has some gorgeous and impressive buildings and brides, but none of them has the outlandish individuality of the Crazy House.Click To Tweet

The Gorgeous Crazy House in Dalat, Vietnam

4. Fun and Interactive Art

The Crazy House is really 3 “Tree Houses” that are connected by a shared garden and numerous elevated walkways. You’ll feel like a kid again exploring the “Tree Houses.” The “Tree Houses” resemble the hollowed out trunks of massive, gnarly trees. They are filled with various themed rooms, each wackier than the next. Large statues of bears, eagles, tigers, and even ants dominate the décor of the rooms. The whole aesthetic is playful and engaging. There are no straight lines or right angles. The whole structure seems to be alive and fluid. And it draws you into its apparent movement.

You’ll love getting lost in the funhouse-like maze of tunnels, winding stairs and elevated walkways. One of the most inviting (and slightly dangerous) features of the Crazy House is the rooftop walkway system that towers more than 5 stories tall.

The Travel Ninjas admiring the Crazy House in Dalat, Vietnam5. Great Sight with Great Views

Speaking of the rooftop walkways, they provide some of best panoramic views of Dalat. You can enjoy gazing at the incredible oddities AND enjoy fantastic views of Dalat and the countryside. It’s difficult combo to top.

The Travel Ninjas climbing around in the Crazy House

6. Cheap and Easy to Visit

The Crazy House is just out of walking range, but it is only a short taxi ride from Dalat city center. The entrance fee is a measly 40,000 VND (less than $2). You can see a one-of-a-kind piece of living, evolving art for less than a cup of coffee.

The Travel Ninjas Visiting the Crazy House in Dalat, Vietnam

7. Fully Functioning Hotel

Millions of people from all over the world visit just to see the Crazy House, but you can spend the night in the wacky exhibit rooms. This is too unique an opportunity to pass up.

Not spending one night here was one of the biggest regrets from our Dalat trip. We absolutely loved the luxury and comfort of the 5-star Swiss Belresort, but we would have given up one night of pampering to have the novelty of sleeping in the Crazy House. We know that as a hotel, it may have some drawbacks. The top complaints are a lack of amenities (like AC and TV) and the presence of other tourists wandering around (starting at 8am). But these complaints miss the point of staying at the Crazy House and in Dalat.

First of all, if you’re in Dalat, Vietnam, you should not be sleeping at 8 am. There is just too much to see and do around Dalat. You can sleep in at home. Get out there and have some fun in Dalat.

Secondly, TV’s and big clunky AC units everywhere would destroy the artistic principles and wacky design of the Crazy House. The whole point is how different it is from any other hotel. So you can’t complain because it’s odd, eccentric, and wacky. That’s exactly what makes it the most unique tourist attraction in Dalat, Vietnam.


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