Travel in Asia blog tips
Travel in Asia blog tips
Travel in Asia blog tips


We’re The Travel Ninjas, Vanessa and Steve. Americans who are traveling around Asia (and beyond) to explore its highlights and hidden gems. We love sharing our adventures, discoveries, and tips.

Wherever you decide to travel in Asia, you will experience a feeling like no other. Sure enough, you will certainly feel the need to buy a kimono, learn to cook Asian cuisine or pick up etiquette that you believe should be westernized. No western person comes back from Asia without being a changed person for the better.

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Traveling Around Asia and Beyond

Why does any aspiring traveller want to visit Asia? Well first and foremost, Asia has a diverse culture and history that is unparalleled. The continent spans over countries like India, Iran, China, Japan, Vietnam and Cambodia. All of these countries differ in ethnicity, religion, culture, environment, economy, cuisine and government. You can span the entirety of Asia to find the hottest temperatures in the Middle East to the coldest temperatures of Siberia.

Our advice? Take in as much as you can. Asia feels like another world. One more beautiful and rich than you can even imagine. Forget practicalities, Asia is an addictive place to visit and when you get home you won’t have to wait long before you are planning the next trip out there.

Travel Guide and Tips

Get tips, ideas or itineraries when you travel in Asia and beyond.  We’re here to help and inspire you to travel!

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